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Our Leaders

Our leaders goal is to conquer the obstacles and spread hope.

Sally and Jonah Ismael

Sally and Jonah Ismael are competitive athletes who compete internationally in their sport, Taekwondo. They were awarded The Award of Excellence by Noble Laureate in Science and Medicine, Dr. Mario Capecchi. Sally and Jonah are both Congressional Award Medalists, one of the highest honors bestowed upon young people from the United States Congress and both earned a STEM Star as well. They are the founders of the non-profit organization, “The Power Within,” and former members of the AAU/USA National Team, and former Israel Taekwondo National Team Members. Both have been practicing their sport in their garage on their own since 2016; both hold 3rd degree black belts. Sally and Jonah are active advocates on social media platforms as they spread awareness about mental health,Wellbeing, abuse and how to cope with bullying. The two also write daily motivational blogs to encourage young people to find the strength within themselves.

At just the tender age of 10, twin siblings Sally and Jonah Ismael, won gold medals at AAU/USA National Taekwondo Championship. They earned their first black belt before they went to nationals. The high school Seniors are earning top grades in school, applying for college shortly, training in their garage for the Olympics, recognized by awards from Congress and Nobel Prize winners, published authors of The Night Blooming, inspiring their peers, and the co-founders of an international non-profit, The Power Within, where they advocate for mental wellness, the power of education, and the resiliency of individuals, in addtion toorgnizing and leading fundraising campaigns for underprivileged,orphan, immigrants kids. They empower, inspire, and advocate for youth, helping the underprivileged to develop and thrive through education and knowledge. They are just 17.

In 2019, they participated in the World Cadet Championship for Taekwondo in Uzbekistan. It is the highest-ranking championship. Jonah finished fifth out of the 64 countries participating. A dual citizen of the United States and Israel, and because of a falling out with their American coach (master) and feeling closed out/bullied out of competing in the US, the Arab-Americans competed for Israel. They did not feel safe competing in the US.

In 2018, they competed in the European Cadet Championship in Spain. Sally placed fifth.

In order to train for the championship, they competed across the globe, including Spain, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Luxembourg, Israel, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands. Since 2016, they have trained in their family’s garage, primarily without the supervision of a coach. Sally and Jonah Experience embraced their passion for learning and they found their purpose in life. they empower other kids and educate young people who are struggling with their life to find the power within.

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